I was born and raised in Colorado and now live in Lakewood with my husband, Blake. I am the proud daughter of a WWII veteran father and a Costa Rican immigrant mother. They were an unlikely match, but shared common values and a deep understanding of right and wrong. Both credited education — my dad on the G.I. Bill, and my mom on a government scholarship— with changing their lives.

Though born in Denver, I spent part of my early childhood in Costa Rica and then Mexico, where my mom went to graduate school. My dad, a retired Jeffco teacher, stayed home with me. At an early age, I learned English and Spanish, and alternated easily between American, Costa Rican and Mexican cultures. This taught me to be open-minded and to appreciate differences as strengths.

I was in kindergarten when we moved back to Colorado. My parents bought a house in Lakewood, in a quiet, tight-knit community. I graduated from D’Evelyn High School and went on to college at the University of Denver. After college, I was hired as a Spanish interpreter at a Denver-area immigration law firm. It was here that I learned I was a natural advocate. I enjoyed connecting with my clients and providing the solutions they needed to stay with their families and avoid scams.

Now, I am a practicing lawyer. I have spent the last 7 years building relationships with clients and counseling them through difficult situations. As a private attorney I worked with a variety of people. I represented survivors of domestic violence and trafficking. I worked with local businesses, CEOs, and publicly-traded companies. As a government attorney I have advocated for criminal justice reform. I have prosecuted civil rights cases, partnered with community organizations, and advised state agencies that help keep the public safe. Throughout my legal career, I have remembered what my parents taught me: keep an open mind and fight for what is right.

This past February, my father died. I have spent a lot of time reflecting on his extraordinary life. In almost all that he did, he improved the lives of others. He believed that actions spoke louder than words, and that a life without service was no life at all.

This is why I am running for State Representative of House District 28. I am a strong and fair advocate who knows that preparation, integrity, and an open mind go a long way. As our state continues to grow and change, our legislators will make important decisions that affect our community. I want to be part of that decision-making process, and I want you to be part of it too. Together we can make sure our community remains a great place to call home.