I believe every Coloradan has a fundamental right to adequate health care at an affordable price. People should not have to choose between seeing a doctor and paying for their rent or mortgage. Coloradans should never have to put off medical attention because of the cost. We don’t want people waiting until they are too sick to get help.

I will work with the Colorado Legislature to find sensible ways to bring down the cost of premiums, emphasize preventative and early intervention care, and maintain quality health care for our residents.


We need education and care that starts as early as possible. Our kids deserve every opportunity to learn the cognitive, emotional and social skills they need to succeed. If we invest in our children early, not only do we increase their long-term opportunities for success, but we avoid the costs associated with educational failures.

Not all kids learn the same way, and we should tailor education to best suit their needs. I believe in offering apprenticeships to high schools students as a way for kids to learn by doing while earning a paycheck. I believe in encouraging more high schools to be “early college” schools, which allow students to earn college credits for free. I believe that we should abandon the “bachelor’s or bust” mentality—that we should encourage students to seek technical and two-year degrees as well as four-year degrees.

Finally, given the great responsibility and trust we put in our teachers, we need a compensation system that more accurately reflects the critical roles they play in our communities.

Criminal Justice

The Colorado Department of Corrections has become the largest treatment provider for mental health and substance abuse issues. It is costly and ineffective to incarcerate low-level offenders. We need to be smarter about how we spend our money and start providing solutions and diversion programs that prevent people from going to prison in the first place. And we should harness cost-effective strategies to reduce Colorado’s recidivism rate down from 51%.

Responsible Growth

We are fortunate that so many people love and have made Colorado their home. In Lakewood alone we’ve seen massive changes in the last 20 years: the opening of Belmar, the development of the Union Boulevard and West Alameda corridors, the addition of the W line and expansion of 6th Avenue, countless housing developments, and the new (and growing) St. Anthony Hospital and Medical campus. Our growth is exciting and has created an explosive and dynamic economy. But if we do not think ahead, the things we love most about our community will disappear. I support forward-looking initiatives that will upgrade infrastructure, increase affordable housing, reduce traffic congestion, and enhance public transportation. I also support initiatives that ensure small and local businesses remain an integral part of our local economy.

Renewable Energy

Colorado is a leader in renewable energy. We are already moving in the right direction with investments in renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydropower. I support the key role our lawmakers play in working with energy providers to invest in renewable energy projects and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.


I believe we can respect each other’s differences and find common ground to ensure equal treatment in all that we do, regardless of who we love or what we look or sound like. House District 28 varies in race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion, language, ability and impairment, perspective, and life experience. I support our state’s laws that prohibit discrimination in employment, housing, and places of public accommodation, and believe this makes our community an even better place to live.